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Powerball$174 MILLIONNext Draw: Saturday, July 24Latest Draw: Wednesday, July 2127 28 44 67 68 11 Power Play 2x Mega Millions$138 MILLIONNext Draw: Friday, July 23Latest Draw: Tuesday, July 2010 26 30 52 57 10 Megaplier 2x Lotto America$2.1 Million Next Draw: Saturday, July 24Latest Draw: Wednesday, July 214 12 17 23 52 6 All-Star 4x Latest Draw: Tuesday, July 204 7 12 15 20 21 Complete Game Details Check Your Cash 25 Numbers Draws Every 3 Minutes 1. . .2. . .3. . . Keno GO! MEGA 7S SEVENS 1091 SEVENS 1091 MEGA 7S DAILY 4 SEVENS 1091 CHARLESTON, W. VA. -- A Powerball ticket worth $100,000 was purchased at Little General #2150 on Alta Drive in Alderson, WV from Saturday's July 17th P Read More PASSPORT TO WIN! CONTEST (July 23, 2021 to October 12, 2021) HOW TO ENTER: Find the West Virginia Lottery’s PASSPORT TO WIN! Contest on Faceb Read More YOUR JAMES TAYLOR FAVORITE SONG (JULY 17, 2021 to JULY 26, 2021) HOW TO ENTER: Find the West Virginia Lottery’s YOUR JAMES TAYLOR FAVORITE S Read More CHARLESTON, W. VA. -- Two winning Powerball tickets were purchased in West Virginia from Saturday, July 10. One ticket, worth $50,000, was sold at Spe Read More

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It’s a shame when a million dollar ticket lies in the dust of a drawer! Participating a lottery is easier than ever Lotteries have become more international over the years. In the beginning lotteries were mostly tied to the country in which they were organized. It means that you had to drive to Belgium or Germany to purchase a ticket for the German or Belgian lotteries, for example Lucky Day Lotto Evening.

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It was simply impossible to buy a ticket for an American lottery, or you had to take a plane! The establishment of the Lotter in 2002 changed everything. It actually created a whole new world for lottery participants. The Lotter makes it possible to purchase tickets for international lotteries, such as Euro Millions and US Powerball. Or perhaps you like the OZ Lotto from Australia or a British lottery that is closer to home

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Easily check results from months ago Just visit the website of the Lotter to buy an international lottery ticket. The official results of the draw are published on the website very soon. Did you forget to check the results for a couple of weeks? No problem, since the results can still be found back on the the Lotter website. Some lotteries also publish the draw results on their own website Texas Two Step.

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Not just the most recent one, but also those from a few weeks ago. The information is kept for a long time. So you can check the lottery numbers of a ticket you’ve accidentally forgotten. No reason to worry, since you usually have a couple of months to claim your prize

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Make sure you don’t miss lottery results Perhaps you’ve been a lottery player for years. Checking the draw results is for some people a routine operation and quite simple. You can check the numbers on the lottery website or during a (live) broadcast on television. Often it’s also possible to subscribe yourself for an e-mail or text message service. You receive a message after winning a prize

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So there’s actually no reason to miss the lottery results!How long do you have to claim a prize?Some people totally forgot to check the lottery results after a draw. Np problem when the tickets isn’t worth millions. This is often the case, but it’s an entire different story when the ticket numbers make you a millionaire! Be aware of the fact that lotteries always use a certain period to claim a prize. This is often six months to a year, sometimes even shorter

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If a winner is too late he or she can’t claim the prize anymore. Control the numbers and claim your money There are millions of lottery players all over the world. People can participate in several ways

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You can visit a store to buy a ticket of the Lotto, Mega Millions or another lottery for a couple of bucks. The advantage of a one-time ticket is that you can quit anytime you want. The fact that there’s no lottery subscription also means that you have to buy a ticket every single time you like to play. At the end this is more expensive than a subscription or a multi-draw ticket. Besides that, the lottery doesn’t know your name and account number

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Since the lottery has some information about you, like your address, an automatic message will be send after a win. The Postcode Lottery, the Bank Giro Lottery and the Dutch State Lottery always do this. And there are more advantages: the prize money will be added to your bank account immediately. It’s a nice surprise to suddenly see a lot of extra money when you check your bank account! You don’t have to claim the prize yourself, which minimizes the risk of missing out your (million dollar?) win

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Dutch lotteries and their draw results Lotteries are very popular in the Netherlands. Among the lotteries with many participants  are the Lotto, the Friends Lottery, the Million Dollar Game, the Bank Giro Lottery, the Postcode Lottery and the Dutch State Lottery. You can check the draw results on their websites. This is also the case for Euro Jackpot, which is organizes in several European countries.  The results of the Million Dollar Game and the Dutch State Lottery will also be published on NOS teletext, since they’re part of the Dutch State

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This service is especially helpful for older lottery participants. Difference between weekly and monthly draws Almost every participant wants to know the draw results as soon as possible. Preferably immediately or within a few hours

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To make this possible, information about the exact time of the draw has to be published. As you might guess, a weekly draw is organized more often than a monthly draw. There are couple of lotteries who organize a weekly draw in the Netherlands, namely the Million Dollar Game, the Lotto and the Euojackpot. Make sure that you watch the draw of the Eurojackpot on Friday and the results of Lotto and the Million Dollar Game on Saturday. Draw results published online The disadvantage of live TV broadcasts is that participants from other countries cannot always watch it

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A time difference can throw a spanner in the works, for example. This is why other lotteries, such as the German Lotto 6 aus 49, show the draw online. It adds video’s to the lottery website and/or You Tube. So people living at the other side of the world only need an internet connection to find out if they’re lucky. They can watch the draw video whenever they like, without having to deal with time differences

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You can prevent this by having a subscription and/or account at the website of a lottery. Do you just want to participate in a lottery once? No problem, but you do have to check the results of the Lotto, Dutch State Lottery or the Million Dollar Game yourself. It’s your own responsibility, but we guess it’s not that hard to claim a big lottery prize that changes your life forever!

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